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Business Continuity Management (BCM):

Good corporate governance is now mandated by law through the New Companies Act. Compliance with the King Code of Governance (King IV) has also become a requirement for listing on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. Corporate leaders now recognise it as a prerequisite for good management and long-term sustainability of their companies. Less widely recognised is the link between good governance and business continuity management.

Corporate governance aims to put in place the mechanisms necessary to ensure a company is sustainable, in every sense. Business continuity management has an important role to play in achieving this goal because it identifies threats and provides a framework for responding to them.

Simply put, 85% of companies without a business continuity plan will go out of business after a major incident. This is quite concerning as most companies will experience a major incident, in one form or the other.

Large Corporates and Public Enterprises are ensuring that their supply chain does not became their weakest link and are demanding assurance of continuity from their suppliers, especially the SMME’s.

Full BCM Service

  • Designed for Large Corporates and SOE’s
  • Full Business Continuity Management Services
  • Risk Management
  • Development of BCP
  • Continuity and Recovery Strategies
  • Co-ordination of DRP (full DRP services, if required)
  • Crisis and Incident Management
  • Training and Awareness

Online BCP Service

  • Designed for SMME
  • Online BCP Program
  • Plans comply with ISO 22301
  • De-risk supply chain
  • 3rd Party Risk Management
  • No BCM skills required
  • Plans and Continuity Certificate obtained within 24 hours